My short stories and poems have been published in national magazines including Stand, Gutter, New Writing Scotland, Northwords Now, The Interpreter's House and Causeway/Cabhsair.

I recently completed my first novel, Quines at Sea; you can read the first chapter online at Northwords Now. I am currently in the research phase of a second novel set in the Northeast of Scotland, London and beyond.

Much of my work features an accessible use of the Doric dialect, also known as Northeast Scots. To hear what Doric sounds like, listen to the following recordings of some of my more strongly Doric work:

You can read some of my work online via the following links:

'Gyurd' on Long Story, Short, November 2015

'Ketea' in Northwords Now, Issue 27, July 2014

Forthcoming publications:

'Genesis' in Gutter 17, January 2018


Notable publications:

Opening chapter of Quines at Sea in Northwords Now, Issue 34, September 2017

Three scenes, three poems and a prose piece in The Granite Mile ed. by Peter Arnott (Aberdeen University Press, May 2017)

An excerpt from Chapter 4 of Quines at Sea in Gutter 16, February 2017

'A Story for Mrs Grey' in Causeway/Cabhsair 7.2, January 2017

'His Mila' on Literary Orphans, January 2017

'The Divine Comedy of Professor Henry Crabbe' in #WriteCity (Aberdeen City Libraries), March 2016

'Weir of Hermiston' in The Interpreter's House 61, February 2016

'Clype' in Causeway/Cabhsair 6.2,  December 2015

'Gyurd' on Long Story, Short, November 2015

'Starnie' in Stand magazine, Issue 13(3), October 2015

'Día de los Muertos' in Pushing Out the Boat 13, April 2015

'On a Painting by Sang Jianguo' in Gutter 12, February 2015

'Caul Iron', in Causeway/Cabhsair 5.2, December 2014

'Bill Gibb, 1972' in Out There (Glasgow: Freight, 2014)

'Ketea' in Northwords Now, Issue 27, July 2014

'Cracked' in Leopard MagazineMay 2014

'Loons' in Octavius Magazine 2, August 2013

'The Struldbrugs' in New Writing Scotland 31 (Glasgow: ASLS, 2013)

'Mormond Braes' in Northwords NowIssue 21, July 2012